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Why have a company website?

Generates Business Credibility

Having a website will not only provide the information the user is looking for, but also gives credibility to the business. Transmitting security, stability and confidence in a place open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is something difficult to achieve in a physical business, in addition to entailing very high costs if you want to perform this service.

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Online presence

The company's website must be the instrument to give online visibility to the brand and correctly inform about the products/services that are on offer to consumers. The design of the website and the information incorporated therein will be decisive in generating a long-term relationship with users and customers.

Positioning in Google

When we are looking for a product or service we turn to Google to find the information we need. Therefore, if a company wants to appear among the first options for these searches, it must work on SEO optimization of its content to achieve this result. This involves using certain keywords throughout the text, including images, including internal and external links within the posts and, fundamentally, creating quality content.
Cosmix Design Studio LLC

Active relationship between the company and its customers

If a company is aware of its website and its social networks, it will undoubtedly offer a better service to its customers because it will be able to answer their queries quickly and in a targeted manner. It will also be able to allow its users to leave comments or suggestions for the company to take into account and modify.

7 reasons why your company needs a website

Having a presence on the Internet means that you are a company that is at the forefront of the market and can offer information and services to anyone who enters your site.

The design of the website and the information incorporated therein will be decisive in generating a long-term relationship with users and customers.

1- It is the control center for all your business marketing.

Any advertising campaign starts with the creation of a website: all your business details, products, offers and promotions should be online.

Literally, your website acts as a portal for customers to learn more about your brand, learn about your business offerings and decide if they want to deal with your company.

You need to follow the steps to create a website which include:

1- Getting a custom domain name and complementary domain extensions.
2- Choosing a hosting and web platform (either a content management system such as WordPress, a website builder or an e-commerce online store).
3- You can check the plans that include the three elements above, plus a corporate email to use your website domain in your email addresses.

In addition, you can start creating digital advertising campaigns such as:

4- Email marketing. Massively send a weekly, monthly or biweekly newsletter with news, promotions and detailed information about your value proposition to the email addresses you have captured.
5-  Ads in search engines or social networks. Hire ads on search engines such as Google or social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, and develop landing pages that take users who click on the ad directly to a page with a special offer.
6-  Forgotten shopping cart. If you create an online store, enable the function to send an email to registered users -or install a plugin to detect when a device that has already browsed your site returns- to remind them that they have products pending purchase.
7- Events and reservations. With options such as appointments and events calendar, your customers can schedule reservations for daily services or special dates.

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2. It is your showcase to sell products or services.

Another reason to have a website is that you can change information in real time, without waiting for new printed materials to be ready.

This allows you to update item prices, service features, launch offers and process your customers’ orders wherever you are.

In addition, with payment methods, shipping options and even gift wrapping, e-commerce websites allow users to shop directly online and simplify the sales process for both staff and customers.

3. It helps you generate leads (and facilitates customer retention).

Creating a website makes it easier to bring your potential buyers closer to the products and services they need, anytime, anywhere.

Also, an optimized website makes the shopping experience much easier and more accessible. This favors recurring customers because they know that with you they will get the products/services that meet their needs, with the attention and quality they like.

Think of your site as a virtual sales showcase, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering answers to frequently asked questions and even speeding up the sales process.

It is also a sure way to connect with prospects and grow your customer base since, as we said at the beginning, people go online when they have a problem.

4. Allows local businesses to compete with big brands

A misconception about websites is that they only serve companies with a national presence, or global corporations with audiences around the globe. The reality is that having a website is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it is the best way to connect with people in your community.

In addition, search engines often rank results based on location. In other words, if you search for “shoe store near me,” Google is not going to give you results in Europe (unless you live in Europe).

And if you use business listings such as Google My Business, it is even easier to be found.

5. It helps you build credibility

Websites that are more responsive to your customers’ needs are better positioned in your business or industry. In addition, you can optimize your website with search terms related to your industry, which will expose your business to more and more prospects online. As you publish relevant information online for your customers, you build your website and domain authority, which helps your business get found.Conversely, not appearing in search engines is one of the fastest and most definitive ways to lose credibility, as it will make your company look outdated and untrustworthy. And worst of all: you will be losing business opportunities.

6. You control your online story

“Why Facebook, YouTube and similar platforms are not enough for online entrepreneurship?”, is a question you may be asking yourself as you read this article.

Building your online presence through social networks, although important, is not the most convenient. Especially because your business will be tied to the policies of these platforms.This is especially delicate if a social network decides to restrict publishing options, adjust positioning criteria (the famous “algorithm changes”) or even close your account, which could cause you to lose contact with your audience.

On the other hand, when you set up a business website you control all the information about your company, the tone of communication and the story of your brand exactly as you want it to reach your target audience.

7. A business website is inexpensive (and very profitable)

7. A business website is inexpensive (and very profitable)

Creating a website, maintaining it and making it grow is easier and cheaper than ever. Even if you have no experience in programming languages or web design, there are drag and drop editors with which it is possible to build a professional looking website… as fast as in a couple of hours!

In addition, and no matter what its purpose is, business websites fulfill the functions of a salesperson, promoter, customer service… it’s like a collaborator who doesn’t need to rest and is on duty 24/7/365. As you can see, it is probably one of the most economical operating costs that exist.