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We offer different monthly subscription plans, where through this service, we take care of the design of your website, as well as the monthly update and maintenance. You also have all the assistance and technical advice from our team to position you in Google and integration of new content.

We specialize in extraordinary digital services

We are driven to perfection in every aspect of your project. Your continued satisfaction solidifies our commitment to thrive, learn and create excellent products.

Applications we work with in each project

Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC


Web development

We respect our clients. We do not use or modify premium or free themes and then present them as original designs. All our websites are designed and developed from scratch. That way you will get a unique, clean, optimized and customized site.

Cosmix Design Studio LLC

SEO Optimization

There are about 1 billion websites around the world. It is very easy for your website to get lost among so much information. We make sure to give you the tools and implement the necessary solutions so that your website can stand out and your customers can easily find you.


We create websites specialized in selling your products in a simple way. Easy to use by your audience.

Cosmix Design Studio LLC

Products & Services

Our business is to make your life easier. Creating, maintaining and updating a website takes a lot of time and effort. And it's time that takes you away from what really matters; growing your business. We offer you integrated solutions so you can get your website online and put it in an advantageous position against your competitors. All our sites are designed and developed with your goals and needs in mind, using the best tools available.


Web Maintenance

– We offer the maintenance service of your website.
– We update content, products of your website.
– We keep it up to date and secure.




Make a lasting impression by promoting your business or special event. We have a wide variety of printing products to fit what you are looking for.

To grow your business you need to promote it. We can print and produce a wide variety of marketing materials with professional results.


Journey Towards Success



We are a specialist SEO agency and our clients can attest to this, we have placed our clients in the top positions. This is hard work but you can be the next one to appear as the first choice of your clients.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and SEO for e-commerce web design. Your online store must be optimized for search engines to drive website traffic and be highly profitable. Through our expert SEO services, we will optimize your store using proven search engine optimization or SEO strategies.

Our Payment System

Our websites focus on lead generation and connect seamlessly with any marketing or back-end platform you may be using. We strongly believe that no two websites are the same and that is why we also offer branding services, making your website unique to your brand.

Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC
Cosmix Design Studio LLC

Customer relations with
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We develop your website using all our experience and the best tools available for the job.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at (559) 406-7873

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Cosmix Design Studio LLC works with you to produce customized Internet marketing services and a plan that aligns with your unique business needs. We become an extension of your team, a partner that understands your market and your goals, rather than just an agency that blindly executes strategies.


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